I am loving using this trip planner for my 2.5 months in Europe! It keeps everything in the one place, and the map feature is super handy for seeing where everything is in a city. Also really useful for trip planning with friends - love the integrated chat feature and the voting feature for activities/attractions!

Michaela Egan

Pilot is the best social trip planner I found in developing our itinerary to travel this summer. Unlike others I found it very intuitive going through the set up and organizing our trip. With this companies direction to make it intuitive, I expect that they will continue to hone it keeping on the cutting edge in service of us travelers.

Vincent Mina

"Decisive, patient, and always willing to do what’s necessary to get the job done. It seems like he’s doing that so far and he’s surrounding himself with an amazing team." - On Connor Wilson

Jesse Sadja, an existing investor

I've mentored Connor and his team, and they're amazing. Very data-driven and thoughtful in playing with all levers to see what grows the base and retains their customers.

Neil Wainwright, Current Investor, CDL Mentor